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The Merkabah workshop facilitated in me the most profound spiritually human experience of my life.  The light merged with my cells as geometric shapes making love to the elementals in my body in honour of remembering our purity already in motion.  I did not know it was possible to move and be still with such simple grace.  It was as if my spirit was given the space to make this leap of faith into a new state of consciousness.  The activation of the Merkabah created a deep sense of safety and my inner being began to wonder and discover itself as this pure potential in human form, dancing with all aspects of self and others in Pure Natural Joy.  The Merkabah workshop is my first great transition into planetary service.  I now move with the courage and newfound delight to embody our true nature in this lifetime.  Heaven and Earth are really in my human form and I feel so grateful for this great change and blessing that Kevin and Christine facilitated in their workshop. 
all my love, Maria.  Athens, Greece.   

Brought forward is an everlasting gift!  Thank you for the selfless contribution to the all of humanity’s evolution, and that of all of life.  In deep appreciation and gratitude,
Patricia.  Sedona, Arizona, USA

It has felt like another initiation for me, and are pulling together of many things.  As promised, I am already not the same person I was when I started this workshop.
Carolyn.  Sedona, Arizona, USA

Thank you very much for a wonderful Merkabah workshop, which I really enjoyed and it helped me with my spiritual growth. I am amazed by all the knowledge Christine has and showed me. I wish I could attend the longer workshop thank you very much.
Keiko, London.

Wow, the basis of everything, I am blown away. Thank you so very much. Christine is most definitely an amazing and wonderful teacher. I am so very grateful.
I did the angelic Reiki last year and always felt that there was a support mechanism that I needed for it. And I have found it in the Merkabah. Thank you! I now feel the possibilities are endless and my confidence has risen from taking this class. Everything feels like it gave finally coming together. I feel so very blessed are having been able to do this with Christine. Thank you for your knowledge.
Tara, London.

The Merkabah workshop is a great introduction to our divine design and the sacred Geometry. A good supporting tool. The Merkabah meditation is to learn, integrate, practice and perceive consciousness.
A unique opportunity to learn from the ancient wisdom.
Fatima, London.

Thank you for the Merkabah workshop. I never really quite appreciated until we were actually in the medication the enormity of what we were taking on; spiritual leadership etc. Whilst in the medication I thought "gosh" I wish I had known this before. I trust that my other than conscious mind had already prepared me for this part. I felt comfortable with the practice and how it could be used.
Gloria, London.

Amazing. I feel very privileged and humbled by the knowledge have to meet during this workshop. I now need some time to digestive and incorporate it into my everyday life. The information in the workshop manual is very well presented and digestible.. Thank you for packing me this knowledge.
Darren, London.

How do you put it into words; the creation of the universe?. "God" created the world in seven days, you both recreated my world, universe galaxy, and Cosmos in seven days.-from physics to fantastic at the created world. I now know I am the master of my own reality! I now know how to access to my freedom from a limited form of reality. You both provided a superhighway to the awareness of the universe. This is not the hitchhiker's guide to the universe. This is the creator's guide to the universe. I now have the tools to be anything I want! To create anything I can imagine.
Sharon, Texas.



































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