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The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation is the practice whereby each of these Merkabah Lightbodies is spun, with intention, at a divine rate, to create a vortex of energy within your consciousness at that level.

As we have shown previously, all of these sacred geometrical shapes hold within their structure the energy of Creation in the form of the Golden Mean ratio. That these sacred geometrical shapes are held as a magnetic structure within our different Merkabah Lightbodies. When we activate each of these Lightbodies using this practice, through their spin, they create a vortex whereby the Creative Energy of God is drawn into your Lightbody, energising your consciousness at that level, and creating whatever is in your consciousness at that level. You become a vortex of Creation Energy.

Thus is the power of this practice and why it was a so closely guarded secret up until 1995.


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