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In all mystical systems throughout the world there is a description within that system of the creation process. How the World and the Universe we live in was created and why.

All of these descriptions start with a basic premise that everything came from a void or a no-thing state. The tradition in which I have had many past lives has been the Cabbalistic Tradition, and so it is to this that I shall now turn to try to give you a feel for the first Forces of Creation.

In the Cabbalistic Tradition, the primal soup in which creation takes place is called the Unmanifest. This is a state of potentiality, where the potential for creation exists but is not yet extant. Everything that we know or understand has yet to be formed. Nothing exists in this state because for it to be in existence it would have to cease to be Unmanifest. It IS. That is all that can be said about it. To take it beyond this would be to give it qualities and this would give it existence.

This state is eternal, without qualities, ever present.

Without cause something happens in the Unmanifest, and that something is motion. There is a desire for 'space' to move. Two forces come about. One is for space to move and the other is a resistance to that movement. This causes the movement to go out on a slight arc. There are no other forces in operation and so this movement goes out on a slight arc eternally, over a vast, vast distance, over many, many eons.

Because there are no other forces in operation the movement going out on a slight arc will remain constant and so will always return to the point from which it originated. When this motion is complete it forms a spinning ring of force, which then continues on its designated path eternally, because there are no other forces to disturb it.

This spinning ring continues upon its path for countless eons until such time that it starts to transmit its movement to the space around it, and creates another spinning ring of force which spins at 90 degrees to the first ring. This ring is formed outside the original ring. These two rings are now the only movements in the Unmanifest, each spinning in its own plane eternally.

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