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Merkabah – Principles of Creation
A channelling from the Archangel Metatron

by Christine Core


Within the spiritual fraternity there is one subject where there seems to be much confusion and in some cases fear. This is the subject of the Merkabah.

Kevin and I have personally worked with the Merkabah for 17 years. Prior to him leaving the incarnation in June 2009 we had lived for 5 years in Egypt where this sacred wisdom is held.

It is my truth that one should only share information from a place of deep personal knowing and of having walked the path of personal understanding and revelation.

My basis of understanding is not just what has been channelled to me, but through investigating the great wisdoms that modern science is bringing forth at this time. These are the basic simple principles of quantum mechanics and the patterns, flow and principles of the electromagnetic field. I am not a scientist The principles that underpin the understanding of consciousness are basic and simple.

I sat in meditation this morning with the specific purpose of asking the beings in spirit with whom I work, and especially the Archangel Metatron, to bring through some information to be presented in writing in order to give a greater understanding of this profound subject and philosophy know as the Merkabah.

These beautiful words create an understanding beyond the conscious mind. Let this gift from The Archangel Metatron wash through your heart and Mind.
"In the beginning, in the now, consciousness is. Consciousness is life; consciousness is the expression of existence, of beingness. It is the awareness of the divine, it is the divine. Throughout all infinity, beyond measurements of time and space, a place beyond the void, a place beyond existence, great potential rested. As this great potential moved consciousness was born. There became the I AM. Still, yet present, knowing but not knowing of what; simply the profundity of pure existence, of beingness. This place just is, is not anything, just is. Then God moved across the face of the waters and an awareness of the I AM was born. The I AM THAT I AM knew itself. And in this great awe of knowing bliss and love filled all existence. The deepest of falling in love that could ever be happen; but much more had happened. Creation had happened; and once this vast potential was unleashed it fulfilled its destiny to create. But how did it create? It created according to itself; it created according to its own knowingness, its essence of self. So the divine created creation in its likeness. But like all great architects it had a design and that design was an expression of itself. This design is, and has to be, the underlying pattern of all creation. The awesomeness of this is its simplicity. It is the sphere in motion. From this all is born; it circles and it cycles, it spirals and it spins. There is naught else. The complexity of structure of living creation, sound and light; of colour and crystal, are awesome to behold. I tell you, dear ones, this is my body. This divine design is that that I am. I am the source. But how can you know me? Every space, every molecule and atom, every space between space, all that exists is your invitation to know me. I am within you, around you, I am you, because I am the manifestation of the divine plan. There is nothing that is not part of me. But how can you know me? The veils of separation have created a non-knowing. This has created, absolutely as you say, "You cannot see the wood for the trees". But there is no point in me bringing you this message if I do not also bring you the answer.

If you are stood on one side of a fast flowing river, how do you get to the other side? You build a bridge; or it may be gradual stepping stones, or a vast structure that can be laid across. What would it be like to be sat on one bank and in an instant to be transported to the other side so that you could turn round and see through the veil to the other side? The veil is only a one-way mirror.

As these circles, these spirals and spheres dance and fold and play together in the boundless possibilities of creation, they create a pattern. You know this as the web of life. This web is truly there; it is my body. This web is made of light and is a divine design orchestrated by love. From where you are on the bank of the river it is the knowledge of divine design that builds the structure of the bridge. Each girder is precise and perfect, design through love. Each segment of this bridge has its own way, its own knowing. Yet all of this together creates the bridge. The bridge is a beautiful pattern of the matrix of life. It is in the flowers, the trees and all physical. It is in feelings. It is in thought. It is in the galaxy. It is in the Universe. All, according to the divine path, holds its own truth of this design. Creation is the symphony of God and yet each part is different, but the whole is not complete without it. Each part plays its own part, has its own essence, quality, texture. Likewise each part of the bridge, the multifaceted rainbow that is the path to freedom has its own innate design.

Mystery schools have held this wisdom sacred, preserving it for this time. This wisdom is now for all to know and to use as stepping stones, the bridge to knowing their own divinity. It is the structure; it is what you call maths and geometry. These are the poetry, the stanzas, the patterning of divine consciousness in all its forms. Your sacred numbers are the principals of this design and the angles are your Angels. Know this and you know me. Through divine design you have all the answers.

The Merkabah is not the star tetrahedron. It is all of divine design on all levels right back to source. It is the study and meditational practice, when taken to its full potential, which takes us through the veil to the other side of the river enabling us to look back with the eyes of truth and knowing that our consciousness is this divine matrix of light and love.

I am the Archangel Metatron in Love.





















































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