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Message of Hope from the Elohim
Channeled by Kevin Core.

In the civilization of humanity, the secret wisdom is the knowledge that you can create on any level of manifestation a vehicle whereby which the Divine Mind can manifest.  If you create a perfect vehicle, through the knowledge and wisdom of what the Divine actually is, it will cause a down-pouring and anchoring of that Divine Mind, into the vehicle that has been created.

The many temples sites in numerous countries, created through the ages of mankind on Earth, it can be seen that Divine wisdom was used in their manifestation.  These temple sites were created using Divine Archetypes.  The Angelic Kingdom are the architects of these Divine Archetypes.  Therefore, if you wish to build a building in order to contact Divine Light, you would create that building using divine archetype's of geometry, structure, color, sound etc….  The places on the earth where this is most evident are the temples of Egypt, the temples of Greece, the cathedrals of the West, and the structures of South America.

What has been kept most secret in your society is the knowledge that you can create within your consciousness a vehicle for housing, for receiving and for holding the Divine Mind in your own consciousness.  Indeed, it is this knowledge, which is being kept secret for many centuries on your planet.  The knowledge of this is to access Creative Life Force Energy and use it to manifest anything you desire in your 3rd Dimension.  Unfortunately, this knowledge has been abused in your society, and indeed it is this knowledge, which holds you all in bondage today.

It is a Cosmic Law that any being above a dimensional level of consciousness, cannot directly influence the dimensional level below where they hold their space.  They can guide, influence, impel, by projecting their consciousness into the lower dimension archetypes of unconditional love.  However, beings in higher dimensions cannot directly intervene in the lower dimensions.  It is therefore, that the angelic kingdom has been in great grief over the many centuries where they have watched the few abuse the many.

We are all aware that within our Galaxy, within our solar system, and on our planet, there is a shift taking place in the very nature of the Divine Mind as it manifests in our dimensional level.  A decision has been made caused by the coming together of great cycles of manifestation, whereby all secrets are now revealed.  This has allowed this wisdom to now be sent out into the world unconditionally.  It is this wisdom which is now being given out as the Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation.  It is a meditation practice that will allow you to create in your consciousness the most perfect vehicle for the grounding of the Divine Mind on earth.  It will allow you to break through the bonds of consciousness which holds you in the space of disempowerment that you all experienced today. 

By doing this meditation you are indeed doing a service for the Race.  As one breaks free of the bonds, so it impels all others to feel the vibration of that and to take on board their own freedom, their own responsibility.  As more and more of humanity start to connect into this energy and this practice, it will cause such a profound shift in the consciousness of humanity, that all of humanity will see how they have been manipulated over the last thousand years.  Indeed on the planet now there are many people demonstrating on the streets to say enough is enough.  This shift in consciousness has been created by the many millions of light workers who have chosen to be vehicles for the grounding of the Divine Mind into their consciousness.

It is then that an invitation is now issue to the people of America, to connect into the Divine Mind through practicing the Merkabah meditation.  Since the Winter Solstice of last year, there has been an increase in the power of the Divine Mind as it manifests on earth.  The Merkabah practice itself is becoming more energetic and all people who use it are making a stronger and stronger connection to all the Realms of Light, which are held within the Divine Mind.  It is then that the invitation is issued to you, for those of you who feel impelled, compelled to claim your Divine Heritage.  The Angelic Kingdom are in great joy that they can now communicate with you in a more direct way, in a way that has never been never felt on the earth before.
The Elohim are now manifesting as a presence on the earth in a way that is totally new, totally empowering for those of you who wish to make contact with them. 

A time of great joy is coming to our planet.  We are about to recognize that Heaven on Earth has always been here, that around you now the Divine is manifesting in every space you find yourselves.  To want to see this, to want to know this, is the overriding emotion which is sweeping through humanity at this time.

When this workshop is taught in Sedona, Arizona, we will manifest the presence of the Angelic Kingdom in that place to a degree that has never been felt before.  Even if you do not choose to do these workshops, be aware that the Elohim will be anchoring their presence into the consciousness of the American Race at that time.

Believe that this time is on the earth now.  Believe that your reality is changing forever.  Believe that you are the most perfect being of Divine Love, and that knowledge is manifesting in your consciousness even as you read these words.

(For more information on the Sedona Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation workshop, click here)















































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