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Message from Archangel Anafiel, Chief Angel of the Merkabah.
Channeled through Kevin Core.

We have been summoned to talk to you about the energies of the Merkabah.  As the evolution of the human race progresses, as it talks and communicates and attunes itself to the angelic vibration, you are starting to perceive exactly what we are.  The common view that we embody a human form with wings and aura is now starting to be embraced as a romantic vision.  Certain modalities on the planet are putting forward the concept that angelic energy is the very foundation on which this universe is built.  As such, working with this energy can be catastrophic, exhilarating, beautiful, and terrifying.  Our purpose is to unfold the divine mind.  The way that the flower of creation unfolds sometimes is not the way that humanity would choose, and therefore is in direct conflict with the way humanity chooses to evolve.
The will of the divine, however, continues to express itself whether humanity wishes it or not.  It is therefore that certain people doing spiritual work at this time find themselves in places of great difficulty because they have in consciousness models of a beautiful existence created by their own personality consciousness which does not resonate with the divine plan.  As angelic energy comes into contact with these ideals there is a conflict generated and these people feel angelic energy as a threat.  Which indeed it is!

There are beings in creation who have dedicated themselves to create pure vehicles for the divine mind and divine energy.  To be such a perfect vehicle one has to let go of any ideas of self, or projected self.  One has to move into the space of divine indifference as this channel suggests, one has to allow the expression of the divine to well up within your consciousness and express itself in whatever way it chooses, without opinions or judgments on your behalf.  Sometimes the way you are guided is not the way the personality chooses and this will also cause conflict.

The energy of the Merkabah, which is the prime creative force of all creation, has been given in a much diluted form in the practice which has gone out across your planet.  As part of this workshop, of this teaching, it has been explained how the whole of creation is built on the energy of the balance between positive and negative.  The generation of tracks in space or thoughtforms is the grid work on which everything sits and is expressed.  To have knowledge of this gives you, or tunes your consciousness into this vibration and is given as a teaching so that you may feel and express yourself as part of the divine using this modality.  For those of you who wish to immerse themselves more deeply into this energy a new wave of teaching are being given out.  Those of you who choose to do so will be guided to structure their consciousness using Merkabah energy to be the perfect vehicle for the expression of the next wave of the divine through the human consciousness on earth.
Truly those people who choose to take this path will be the Redeemer's of their race, and what you would term Warriors of Light.  This path is not a gentle path to walk, for it takes courage to deny your opinions and your judgments, your attachments to worldly things and worldly thoughts.  To dedicate your consciousness to be in a perfect vehicle through which the divine may flow and connect to the human consciousness of all.
The rewards, if such a thing can exist, of doing this service are great.  To allow your consciousness to be used in such a way is a merging of your consciousness with the consciousness of the angelic realms, to become one of us, to become one with us.  It is a blessing which is descending for the few in humanity.  It is a blessing surpassing all of the blessings given to humanity. There are no rewards in heaven, for heaven does not exist in the way that humanity perceives it.  It will be a merging of your consciousness into the one consciousness of all. 
For the few on earth the power of the divine is now available to be tapped into but without ego.  To try to connect to us in this way, beholden unto ego, will cause your destruction.  Humility is the key, service is the key.
To do this practice and contact this energy in joy is of paramount importance, and so we invite you to connect to us through the Merkabah.  As you do so, for the few who embrace us, the gifts will be great.  You will come to understand the meaning of divine power, and divine love and express them as your identity on earth. 
I am an expression of the divine force which is known unto you as Anafiel, Chief Angel of the Merkabah.

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