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Spinning the Light Fantastic by Kevin Core

This message is impulsed through the Galactic Council on Orion who is in symbiosis with the Angelic Kingdom of Light. SO MOTE IT BE.

We come to you now at your request. We would speak to you about the Merkabah. As you have rightly taught, as you have rightly put out into your world, the Merkabah is the vehicle of vehicles, the beginning and the end. It is the creator process beyond dimensions as you know them.

It exists in space much akin to the Quantum space describes by your physicists. It is a field of pure creativity and pure potentiality. Its movement is the creation of intelligence. The Merkabah which holds your reality in place is perfectly balanced, and all forces within it have been equalised, centralised and achieved a point of perfection. Even though this field of creativity is in motion there exists within it everything, all that would be, all that can be, as potentiality. Your reality draws on this field of rotating extra-dimensional energy to create anything in any one moment. Viewed from your plane the Merkabah is central stillness. Everything that is happening, everything that is created on your plane is eternally existent in the Merkabah which holds your reality in place.

The practice which you perform, which you name Merkabah, allows your consciousness to achieve balance, to achieve sympathy and symbiosis with that which has achieved balance; the Merkabah which holds your reality in place. As you do the practice you are creating within yourself the stillness which is the central stillness which holds your reality in place. The Merkabah which is the genesis of your reality was created in another evolution. All that you are trying to achieve and balance in this reality has already been achieved on that dimension on which the Merkabah exists, which holds your reality in place.

As it is taught by you, the Merkabah practice expands consciousness, it does not create anything, and it allows you to merge with perfection, the perfection of the Merkabah which holds your reality in place, which was created in the earlier evolution. How you create that perfection in your reality, is your choice. The Merkabah is the Divine Pattern and you must follow in its wake, as you create in your infinitude, in your infinity, and play at being the creator in your reality, the end result will be the same. That of perfection, in love, in wisdom, in joy and harmony.

We would now say something about the Merkabah as it will be practiced in the space, on your planet, known as Egypt . This civilisation was a seed civilisation planted by the Sirian's to create the codes, to create the seeds, to create the DNA programming locked within each human body that would re-awaken at a chosen time, to activate the codes of the next out breath of Gaia, the next creative impulse, the next creative wave, which is to transform this planet and all beings who are in resonance with it. These codes were anchored onto the Earth at the time of the visit by that planet you know as Nibiru. Whenever this planet and the race contained thereon come within the Earth's sphere, there is always a manoeuvring and balancing between the forces of light and the forces of negativity. At that time in your space of 3,500 BC, the forces of light anchored onto your planet in Egypt . The temples were built specifically to hold the codes of sacred geometry, to hold the codes of the genesis of consciousness, to hold the codes of the galactic consciousness. The human race is part of that consciousness. You are all multidimensional beings who exist, and have existed before, within all the different races of the galaxy. There are forces on your planet who would suppress this, who would keep limitation anchored here.

This race is enacting, what you yourselves are acting out. As your planet disintegrates before you through the misuse of its resources, you will not let go of the lifestyle which fuels this destruction. Your higher selves call to you to move into harmony with Gaia but you are addicted to the drama of possession. So this race also will not let go of wanting to possess the Earth for themselves, will not concede, will not embrace their higher selves and are locked into the desire of wanting something that is not theirs, for wanting something which is beyond their grasp. They, as you, must learn acceptance, surrender and letting go. You have been in a dance with these beings, with this race, but that dance can come to an end. As they are the impulsors of your race so you have chosen to be impulsed by them. As your reality is structured around you in such a way to give you comfort and security you accept this at the cost of your own freedom. There is a wave now spreading across and through your race which is awakening in you the knowledge that you are more than this, that security, joy and happiness comes from within and not without. This is felt more in the western races at this time, and therefore the challenge to the status quo is now surfacing in a large number of the population within your western societies.

This practice therefore is offered to you all. It will enable you to contact the multidimensional aspects of who you are. It will allow you to contact the waves of energy of which the Universe, the Galaxy consists. You will contact the intelligence that creates; that created your planet, that created your physical bodies and created your consciousness. Its structure will be revealed to you. The limitations of thought forms in which you find yourselves will drop away by doing this practice, by becoming the energy of the Merkabah. You will merge beyond your limited belief systems, you will merge with the other kingdoms on your planet, and you will merge with the other races who are guiding you at this time to awaken into the great beings of energy and consciousness that you truly are.

This practice, when performed in Egypt , will re-awaken an energy grid anchored there in 3,500 BC. This grid is connected to the grid of the planet. When this practice is performed in Egypt a key will turn in a lock; as you open the lock within the temples of Egypt, the energy of the Photon Belt will course through the central core of this planet, through the polar axis and flow along this grid and re-activate keys and locks all over this planet, within the energetic structure of the grid, which is the makeup of this planet.

There will be many such workshops in this place but the first is to be held in Egypt in March. This workshop will be overlighted by the Masters of Orion and the Masters of Sirius. We will align our energy through the points surrounding your planet with those of all the star races, the 13 star races, within our galaxy. Pulses of light, rainbow colours, sound tones, archetypes which have not been anchored here before, and those which have slept for a long period will be re-activated through this workshop.

It is a time of great joy on your planet. It is a time of great wonder. It is a time of re-awakening and it is a time of throwing off old clothes. The Merkabah is a gift from the Angelic Kingdom . In your perception it is the body of the Angelic Kingdom which comes to play with you now. The way to receive it is to be in joy and happiness. The central stillness is pulsing its creative heart through you. Surrender into that which you feel you are, surrender into the sign of the times, and trouble not your minds with the chaos and disintegration around you. As in all things, the old must fall away and that is what is happening around you. Be centred in the joy that resides in your heart. Be centred in the practice of the Merkabah, and be centred in the Light we shine upon you.































































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