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In the Shadow of the Divine by Kevin Core

This article is probably the most important article you will ever read or just another article in a Mind, Body, Spirit magazine.

This information is given through the Angelic Kingdom of Light, the Archangel Metatron, the Lord Sanat Kumara, the Lord Guatama Buddha and the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul; blessings be upon them.

This Universe, your Universe, came into being in the same way all sentient beings are born. It came into being following archetypal patterns of creation which manifest Perfection and a means for that Perfection perceiving itself. The means by which this occurs is for Perfection to create a mirror image of itself which it then uses in order to reflect back to itself its own nature.

Your Universe therefore, taken as a sentient being, has a counterpart which is a mirror-image of it, which it uses to reflect back to itself its own perfection. This shadow aspect of itself is integrated within it at every level. This Universe, as it reflects Divinity, as it manifests perfection, is a Universe where Love is the keynote. Through Love is created Art, Poetry, Music, Joy and Harmony. Its shadow aspect, which is its polar opposite, is separation, manifesting as anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, lack of trust, suspicion etc. These two Universes, which are one, exist in the same space, partaking of the same existence, each with its own purpose, its own agenda, each relying on the other for its own existence. The nature of these two Universes is positive and negative, and a balance is maintained between the two, administered from outside these Universes by forces which achieved synthesis in a previous evolution.

Fig 1.We would like now to give an explanation of the role of negative energy with regard to the above. In your world, in your reality, negativity or evil is seen as bad. Your ‘New Age’ coaching teaches that negativity is something which is to be avoided at all cost. This concept is in error; negativity exists as a mirror to reflect back to the Divine, to Perfection, Its own nature. This is its purpose, it is why it came into existence, it is its job.

When the Divine, or God, came into existence, IT existed as a single entity in a void which contained only the possibility for creation. There was nothing in existence except God. The nature of Divinity is Bliss or Perfection; so God exists as Bliss, eternally unchanging. IT knows nothing else but Bliss for there is nothing in manifestation that IT can gauge or to which IT can reference Itself. To KNOW that IT is God, IT is Perfection; IT creates a mirror-image of Itself, which is IT’s shadow self and begins to relate to it so that IT knows that which IT is not. It is this relationship between God and IT’s shadow self which we term as evolution. Without the shadow self to relate to, God would exist in Bliss eternally, there would be no creation, no evolution.

Eliphas Levi, the famous French occultist, shows the dualistic view of the Cosmos. All manifestations were a ‘lila of the Lord’, an eternal game whose elements were the outcome of the interplay between the polarities of light and dark, mind and matter, good and evil, objectivity and subjectivity.

What meaning does this hold for Humanity? When you encounter something in your experience, in your existence, that causes you discomfort, either mentally, emotionally or physically, that causes you to perceive a loss of happiness or joy, or the loss or lack of security or abundance, the forces of negativity or separation are in play. Remember, the same forces that brought creation into being operate throughout creation and through you. As Above, So Below. Therefore your reality is the mirror whereby your own Divinity is reflected back to you by that which is not you. That which is not you cause you to experience a loss of balance. The forces of separation, of negativity, are the thrust-block which you all push against to regain balance, which you all use to search deep within yourselves for your own true nature which is Divine.

An example would be a situation where you may encounter a loss of anger or temper with a person, place or thing. After the initial conflagration you may look back and see that you responded without due cause, or acted upon a misconception. You make a decision based on the experience never to lose your temper in that situation again. The incident has caused you to look inside yourself and to make a decision that that which you became through anger is not who you truly are. The forces of anger have served you as the mirror to reflect back to you that which you are not and to perceive that which you truly are.

It is therefore that the forces of negativity serve Humanity as the thrust-block whereby Humanity is discovering its own true nature as that of the Divine.

The true Adept or Initiate never opposes negativity or evil but uses it in its positive aspect, to achieve evolution or creation on the line he or she so wishes.

Fig 2That which you perceive to be negative energy is in fact the influence of the shadow aspect of this Universe, this creation in which you find yourselves. In this co-creation between positive and negative forces, the positive aspect is always building up, is always creating based on Love. The negative aspect is always trying to break down, to return creation back to the void of possibility.

The beings of this shadow Universe are much like you except that their goal is one of separation. The merging of this dual aspect of the Universe is complete down to the level of middle C, taking this Universe as an octave, or the heart centre of any system, you included. Your energy make-up is one of balance between the forces of positive and negative energy and you are susceptible to these influences in any one moment. Therefore the constant battle between good and evil, positive and negative is fought within you. This has been depicted in your reality by the cartoon Tom and Jerry, whereby each character has an angel and a devil manifesting over each shoulder trying to influence the character to take their particular path. This is very close to the reality of the situation with the exception that these entities are merged with you in consciousness and influence the very thoughts that govern your actions.

Another engraving from Eliphas Levi shows the archetypal figure of Baphomet, a representation of the dual aspect of the Creative Force of the Universe. Note that the balance between the light and the dark is shown at the Heart Chakra, which is the vibration of middle C, taking the 7 chakras as an octave.

It has been perceived by Humanity that the cycles of the moon bring changes in the flow of positive and negative energy into your sphere of reality. The position of the Moon in relation to your Sun creates vibration shifts which allow the positive and negative currents of the Universe to envelop your Earth, contacting and affecting Humanity.

As this Solar System comes to the end of its 26,000 year cycle around the star Alcyone in the Pleiades, the balance between the negative and positive has been disturbed. This planet, your Earth is being birthed into a new reality. A new plan has emerged within creation which is allowing a race to connect to its own Divinity whilst still in a relatively dense vehicle. The potential for this to happen was coded into the DNA of this Universe at its creation and has remained dormant up until the last 2000 years. A being would only merge back into the Divine after many eons of your time, travelling the Path of Return up through all the levels of reality. This new creation will allow this race to become Creators of the Divine Source Itself whilst existing in vehicles of a 5 th dimensional nature. This race is Humanity.

This new coding has caused a response from the shadow Universe. Its minions are now exerting themselves as never before to oppose this new creation. There is no malice in their response; it is what they are programmed to do. This has resulted in the manifestation of various extreme forms of separation in your reality, on your planet, in the last 2000 years.

We are talking here not only about Humanity but also of the Planet Earth herself. The time span of 2000 years in the life of a planet is but a day in your life. Gaia is now responding to this overbalance of negativity and using it as a thrust-block to raise Her consciousness, to recognise Her own Divinity. A she turns and indwells on Her own Divinity it will cause Her to drop Her 3 rd dimensional body and be reborn on the 4 th dimension. This is the archetypal process of death and rebirth. Humanity and all the Kingdoms of the Earth are part of the body of Gaia and as such are acting out this drama as part of Her process. This process is that which you term Ascension.

As part of this process this Solar System is now passing through an energy vortex which is raising all vibration above middle C on the Universal Scale. As has been stated the entities of the shadow Universe cannot exist above the resonance of middle C. They are therefore creating situations whereby their hosts, you, are held at levels where they can exist. You know these levels as the lower three chakras. They will encourage you, through your consciousness, to play in the areas of the lower astral desires and feed thereon. This vortex is sentient and its purpose is to bring forward all energies that do not resonate above middle C. It is a clearing of the forces of dissolution from our reality. This is causing the battle between the forces of good and evil to be fought within your physical, emotional and mental bodies and is one of the sources of the disturbances felt by all at this time. When this planet ascends it will take all beings within its make-up, who have attained to the vibration of middle C and beyond, with it into a new reality.

Fig 3This thrust by the forces of separation within this Universe have affected Humanity in a variety of ways, the most prominent being the control of consciousness exerted by means of dogmatic rule. This rule has created philosophies which encourage separation, from the highest to the lowest levels of your society taken globally.

What does this mean for you as a being who is striving to discover your own spirituality, your own Divinity? The forces of negativity and separation are merged with you at every level, even at Soul level and are blocking all determined efforts to contact the Love of the Divine. We of the Hierarchies of Light have been powerless to intervene up until now, as the balance between the Light and the Dark had to be maintained and is overseen from outside this Universe and is dictated by Cosmic Law. The overbalance has now been recognised at this level and permission for intervention has now been given.

There exist many teachings in your reality which encourages you not to strive in the face of adversity but to accept all intervention, all blockages to your spiritual path as 'meant to be'. These teachings have been given as part of channellings from people of your race who thought they were contacting beings of the highest Light and Love. This collection of teachings is now represented as part of a movement which purports to support the process we have outlined. It does not. We would caution all of you who channel to recognise that the forces of separation are merged with you in consciousness and can influence the very thoughts that you feel to be your own. They exist up to the level of Soul consciousness and can assume any guise they see fit to mislead the unwary. We give at the end of this article a list of affirmations that can be made now to clear all interference from these forces so that from this moment you are only working with the forces of Love and Light. We encourage all of you who are feeling the call of your own Divinity to use your discrimination and to listen to your heart, even as you read these words.

The affirmations given will clear all interference from the forces of separation. The integration for this is about 3 months in your time.

We would now say what this will mean for you as a being and for the race. Up until this time Humanity whose nature is Love, has co-existed with the forces, the energy of separation who's nature is dissolution. This co-existence has been maintained for centuries of your time. It has altered your DNA and is an inextricable part of the Human Consciousness taken as a whole. It has caused many of your race to become dependant on the chemicals which are released into your make-up when experiencing anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, lack of trust, suspicion etc. There is a great addiction to these lower desires. When you make the affirmations that we have given, you will experience a dropping off of the triggers which cause these manifestations and you will experience loss.

This is natural.

The challenge for Humanity at this time is to embrace Love and Joy eternally. Anchored into your consciousness is a belief that when anything good happens it must inevitably be followed by something bad. This is an illusion and is a teaching of the dark forces. Love exists eternally and is the Divine nature, which is you.

For those of you who choose the path of Love, a world of endless beauty awaits. That which Gaia is becoming exists now and there is many of your race already there. Many of those who have left this planet through natural forces have used these events to leave behind their earthly 3 rd dimensional bodies, and are being re-born on Gaia as 5 th dimensional beings of Light, fully connected to their own Divinity. This is the path open to you all. Other such events will happen in the timeframe between now and when Gaia takes Her last breath as a 3 rd dimensional being, in 2012.

You are experiencing yourselves being birthed into a new existence which has never been known before. All of Creation is watching you in awe and wonder. Many of the races of the Galaxy have joined with your race to help birth this new creation and will guide you after you make the translation to your new home. We of the Hierarchies of Light are merged with you also in this endeavour and are assisting you to become that which we are. It is a blessed time in the history of creation and we of the Light salute you.


1 . Your guide team:

"From the Divine Presence of God that I am, through the Archangel Metatron, I hereby declare that my team of guides shall, as soon as any necessary transference can be made, be comprised only of members of 100 percent pure Light who have never been re-programmed by entities of the dark." SO BE IT!

2. Your Higher Self:

"From the Divine Presence of God that I am, through the Archangel Metatron, I hereby declare the entity that is my Primary Guide, my Higher Self, shall be an entity of 100 percent pure Light that has never been re-programmed by entities of the dark, with such change, if necessary, to be made as soon as possible." SO BE IT!

3. Your consciousness:

"From the Divine Presence of God that 1 am, Through the Archangel Metatron, I hereby declare that my consciousness mix should be converted, if necessary, to a mix of 100 percent pure Light of entities that have never been re­programmed by those of the dark. I further declare that this conversion should take place as soon as possible, but preferably during evening hours as I sleep, and as gently as possible in order that I might continue my normal daily routines." SO BE IT!

4. Your environment:

"From the Divine Presence of God that I am, through the Archangel Metatron, I call forth that all things, whether animate or inanimate, within or around me, my home, garden, car, or place of business, be immediately deactivated from use as "directional beacons" by those who are not of 100 percent pure Light. I further declare that when this has been accomplished, it shall be irrevocable and permanent." SO BE IT!

5. Your relationships:

"From the Divine Presence of God that I am, through the Archangel Metatron, I call forth that no energies, entities, or beings are to be allowed anywhere around me at any time that are not of 100 percent pure Light. I further declare this to be irrevocable and permanent." SO BE IT!

6. Past contracts and agreements:

"From the Divine Presence of God that I am, through the Archangel Metatron, be it known that I hereby cancel all contracts and/or agreements I have made, anyone in my body has made, or anyone in my genetic lineage has made, with ANY entity, in any time frame or in any reality, any dimension, that were not in my best interest or in the interest of the Light, or that were made with entities who were not of 100 percent pure Light. I further declare that the cancellation of all such contracts is to be irrevocable and permanent in all time frames, dimensions and realities." SO BE IT!

7. Clearing influences on your body:

"From the Divine Presence of God that I am, through the Archangel Metatron, I hereby declare that the Devic and elemental beings of my physical/ etheric body, astral/desire body, and mental/intuitive body should be converted, if necessary, to a mix of 100 percent pure Light entities of this Galaxy of Light, that have never been re­programmed by those of the dark. I further declare that this conversion should take place as soon as possible, but preferably during evening hours as I sleep, and as gently as possible in order that I might continue my normal daily routines." SO BE IT!

8. Seeking clear guidance:

"From the Divine Presence of God that I am, through Archangel Metatron, I hereby state that all guidance that I seek through tarot, divination of whatever kind, dowsing or any form of guidance shall be governed only by beings of 100% Pure Light. I further state that I now wish to have contact with only Angelic Beings who hold the highest resonance of 100% Pure Light. This to be irrevocable and permanent."


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