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Reflections of the Divine by Kevin Core

Many of us have heard the expression Merkabah or Lightbody being bandied about in spiritual circles, but it is still regarded as quite a vague term or concept. We hope in this article to show how it is the cornerstone of the very reality which we call our own and the focus of the whole of the Ascension of Humanity and the planet.

Many people ask us who or what is God? God, in the sense of an intelligent being, is in Itself not intelligent in the way we know it. The Divine consists of a single thought, and that thought is I AM. It knows nothing other than IT IS. It is Unity. It is One. It exists eternally, unchanging.

Creation starts when this Unity starts to contemplate itself. As IT is unchangeable, the contemplation of Itself creates a mirror image. This mirror image is I AM THAT I AM.

This is the original duality. It is the mirror image, the I AM THAT I AM, that starts to undergo the process of self-examination in relation to Itself which is unchanging. It continues this process of self-examination and reaction to the I AM until such time as it achieves balance and Unity. The two have become One.

The same process as described above then creates another mirror-image which causes a Triplicity. The interaction of these three forces creates the energy or formulae we know as Phi or the Golden Mean. It is this Triplicity which is Merkabah.

The whole of Creation, thus, is a pattern which is mirrored through different densities or vibrations. When this process has gone through 12 levels or phases, it forms a complex structure of forces which relate to each part, and to Itself as a whole. It becomes a complex system of forces of action and reaction. It becomes a Cosmos and is closer to consciousness as we term it.

So we now have a structure of 12 forces which seek to balance internally. When all parts of the 12 achieve Unity, again, the same process as described above repeats.

Within any one 'Octave' of Creation we have 12 levels or vibrations which then mirrors itself into a lower level or vibration of creation, a lower octave on the cosmic scale. The octave containing the 12, is perfect, It is balanced, It becomes ONE. Then the whole octave creates a mirror image of itself. So it is the same process but creates bigger and bigger creations of itself.

Why do we need to know this? We need to know this because the very reality we live in is based on this system or model of creation. This has always been a closely guarded secret because once you have this knowledge; you can then use the energy of creation, and the knowledge of how creation occurs, to then create something that you want. You use this knowledge of the process of creation to make something happen for you.

To illustrate this, all of humanity considers that this reality is all there is. Lightworkers know there is more to life than what is presented before our eyes. Humanity believes that you cannot change what is in the world, it just is, and they are powerless to influence the circumstances in which they find themselves. They believe in things like good or bad luck, they have no control and no power. We are starting to learn that that is an illusion. We are starting to learn that we are responsible for where we find ourselves, what happens in our lives. In the case of Angelic Reiki, if something goes wrong with our physical bodies it is something in us that is causing the trouble, not an outside source.

So we are starting to embrace the concept, the knowledge that we are responsible for everything that is happening in our lives. This is really what Ascension is about. It is about humanity recognising that they are responsible for the world on which they find themselves. This is why, in the world today, there is so much focus now on pollution, global warming, and the consequences of using all the resources we have without any consideration as to the results. That this world, this planet, cannot supply an endless stream of materials, just to fulfill our desires. The organisations like Greenpeace are an aspect of the higher consciousness of Humanity taken as a whole. They are causing us to look and say this is not the right way.

Although this reality feels very solid around us, it really isn't. It is atoms and molecules vibrating at a certain rate to create a vibrational density. Most of us, even lightworkers, believe that when you have a dream at night it is illusion and this is world is real. In truth, the dream is more real than here, because it is closer to the Divine than this plane. There is no difference between your consciousness in a dream and your consciousness here. The only difference there may be is that your consciousness here is anchored in a more solid vibration of substance, and it is not as easily manipulated as the body you inhabit in a dream.

How many of you have had a dream and changed something in that dream because you knew it was a dream? Part of spiritual work if you will, is to start to focus on your dreams, and try to recognise that when you are dreaming you are in control of your consciousness in that place. Then by an act of intention you can try to influence what is happening in the dream. This is very good practice for creating effects here because the same rules apply.

We have said that everything is energy and consciousness. Remember when you had a dream where you can remember that dream and your consciousness is in another form, and you have done amazing things like flying, or swim and breathe underwater, or jumped from a high place and not hurt yourself? You are able to do that because you are aware that you have control of the vehicle you are in, and the environment you are in, and you believe or you know that you let go of the thought that this is real in relation to this reality or world. You know that in a dream anything is possible. This creates the possibility for you to do anything that you want. What we have just described is true in this reality, but we are told that this does not apply here.

In our society anybody who believes in magic or the ability to manifest are given the title of being mad or delusional. This is done for a reason because the people who run our society use this ability to create this world, and they guard the secret of how they do that, by convincing everybody that this ability does not exist.

These people could create the perfect world by using this knowledge of creation and put forward ideas and communities that would support spiritual axioms. Instead they choose to create a world where they use the sacred knowledge of creation to create a society addicted to material goods and lower astral desire, and then feed off this addiction to create vast fortunes and personal power.

This is reinforced by TV programmes, the mass media, who present people who are doing healing or psychic work as unbalanced people. Hollywood makes films that also portray people who do our type of work as unbalanced. This is the way the people who create our society protect the way they do that. But that is as it is.

What we are talking about here is that you CAN alter this reality for you, in the same way that you would have a dream and suddenly think "Just a minute, I am dreaming!" WOW! I am dreaming! What can I do in this dream? You begin to play in the dream. You start to do things that you would never do here. What you do is you go into the possibility of being able to do anything. What we would encourage you to do is to view this reality in the same way you would a dream. To let go of the thought that this is real, and is unchangeable, and that you cannot control it. Just me telling you this is not going to make any difference. What you have to do is start to play with it. It may be that you want something to happen in your life. You may want to go on holiday somewhere, or you may want to move to a bigger house or you may want to meet a perfect partner. Any of these things are valid. What we are saying is that if this was a dream, how would you do that? How in the dream would you make that happen? If you think about that and get the feel of it, use the same process here, in this reality, in this dream.

As the vibration of the planet increases, it is causing our Lightbody, our Merkabah to spin faster. This is causing creation energy to pour into the planet and our consciousness. If you started to think in this way and use the energy of creation which is available through the Merkabah, what you start to dream about, what you start to want, will happen.

What we are is a consciousness in a physical body. We suggest that you try to recognise that this physical body is not you. It is just the vehicle, the thing that encloses your consciousness on this plane, this vibration of existence. It is no more important to you than the clothes you are wearing over the top of it. If you did not like the clothes you were wearing you would go buy some new ones.

We all have the ability to change or re-create our physical bodies. We are just inside them, they are not us. They are following a different line of evolution than we are as a consciousness. As soon as you let go of the belief that you physical body is you, you start to have control over it.

Our physical bodies are composed of millions of atoms, and those atoms have a consciousness also. This consciousness is called Devic. They are an intelligence of the Earth that comes from the Earth. We are different in that our origins are of Spirit or the Godhead, so we as a consciousness overlight the consciousness of this body. We are above the consciousness of our bodies in evolution. So the Devic consciousness of our body listens to us, we are its God, and as such obey us.

To the Devic consciousness of our bodies, our consciousness is its God. It looks to us as that which it strives to become. Whatever is in our consciousness influences absolutely the consciousness of our bodies. As you think about this physical body try to let go of it as you, act as if you were a tenant taking up residence for a short time. If you start to put intention on the intelligence of your body it will listen. This is the key to healing. Healers can cure themselves and other people by using their consciousness to give instruction to the Devic consciousness of the body they are trying to influence in healing. They create; they ask the Devic intelligence to change in some way.

This is the same for anything in this world. Everything in this world has its earthly intelligence which is the Devic Kingdom . To the extent that you can embody that you are part of the Divine, is the extent to how much the Devic Kingdom will listen to what you are asking it to do.

This is the nature of certain things in the bible where Moses asked the Red Sea to part, or where Jesus walked upon the water, or where he produced an abundance of food from a few loaves and fishes.

Each of these beings had control of the Devic Kingdom . Where we are going, what we are trying to learn, is how to do exactly the same thing. This is so we can bring the necessary changes on Earth.

There are people in India who do amazing things with their bodies. They can put needles through their bodies or cut their bodies and they do not bleed. Why is this? How do they do this? It is because they know that their physical bodies are not who they are. They know that they can control the intelligence of their bodies, they can tell their bodies what to do. They tell their bodies what to do, very much as you would do in a dream.

So, if you can, start to let go of the thought that your physical body is real, and accept that you are just consciousness.

Our consciousness is spherical in shape, not the physical body. When we spin the Merkabah, what you are doing is spinning your consciousness very fast, at Divine speed. This causes the creative force, the life-force energy of the Universe and the All That Is, to flow into your consciousness. This energises your consciousness with the energy of creation. Then by placing thoughts as intention into your consciousness, this energy of creation will energise those thoughts into causing manifestation on this plane. You will cause something to happen.

If you want that something to happen in your physical body, you focus your intention upon your body and the creative energy brought in by the Merkabah will cause the desired changes in your physical body. If you want another aspect of this physical plane to do something that you want it to do, if you focus this energy in a very powerful way through your intention, then it will start to happen.

This is the essence of the Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation.

14,500 years ago we chose to forget that we were Divine, that we are Creator Beings. We are now entering a time where we are remembering who we are and how to create.

In our world there is poverty, lack of abundance, hunger, starvation. This is a totally unnatural condition for who we are. It is all illusion.

So we are asking you, we are encouraging you, to go into a space of recognising that this plane here is more of a dream than the 4 th dimension, which we inhabit when we dream. It is this belief that we cannot create here that stops us from exerting our creative power.

I would now like to take you back to the basic description of Creation as described by many of the exoteric religions in the world. This states that there was a void where only the potential for existence was extant. From this came a Presence which contemplated Itself and found Unity or Oneness. It then created a mirror-image of Itself, or a duality, to understand who IT was. This mirror-image then began to interact with the original Creator until such time as all its forces achieved balance. This duality then became ONE. It then repeated the above pattern, this time creating a Triplicity, and so on ad infinitum.

When you stand in front of a mirror, you are looking at a mirror-image of you here. This is how we create our identity here, by relating to our mirror-image. We interact with our mirror-image.

We look in the mirror and we see an image of the vehicle we inhabit and then we form an opinion about it. We also use the belief-systems of this society and those things we were taught as children, and we make judgments about what we see in the mirror; whether we are fulfilling society's expectation of us as beautiful, young or old, fat or thin.

We are using the same pattern of creation to understand ourselves as the Primal One did to Understand Itself, thus are we created in the image of God.

Therefore you, as a consciousness, are projecting yourself onto the 3 rd dimensional plane, because the above model holds good through dimensions. So in truth everything that you see through your eyes, including all that you feel in this body, is just the mirror-image of you as the Creator. In truth everything that I look at in my life is the mirror-image of me. So all of you who are reading this article are the mirror-image of me, the world outside the room in which I am writing this article is the mirror-image of me. All of this is one big mirror projecting me back at the consciousness who sits behind my eyes looking out. As I look out into the stars and feel the Universe it dissolves into me, for it is a mirror in the same way as you look in a mirror to see an image of your physical body. This whole thing is a mirror of me looking back at me.

This also applies to all of you, because the ONE being that is looking through my eyes is also looking through yours at the same time. It is the same Being. Thus there is no separation.










































































































































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